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A group dedicated to helping event hosts culminate quality public/private automotive shows through community outreach, networking, and venue establishment. Founders Adam Collins, Bilal Saadat, Caleb Rice, Cooper Rau, Roman Britton, and Truman Wilson have channeled their love and passion into events that have curated millions of dollars worth of classic, import, and exotic automobiles through private events like Corsa De Villa and public events like Cars and Crowns.


Wing Fuel System Technology is where engineering excellence and hands-on fleet management expertise converge uniquely. Setting them apart in the industry, they not only engineer advanced systems but also operate a fleet using these very solutions. With a track record that includes inspecting, servicing, repairing, and constructing over 10,000 natural gas systems, and they currently oversee a fleet of 300 CNG-powered trucks.




WOLVYN Luxury Timepieces is a Dallas-based luxury watch store that offers a curated collection of high-end timepieces. With a passion for horology, WOLVYN provides personalized service and expert advice to watch enthusiasts, collectors, and connoisseurs. Each timepiece is hand-selected, ensuring authenticity, quality, and value.


Dallas Fort Worth's premier Lotus and pre-owned luxury, exotic, and classic car dealership. We specialize in offering the finest vehicles, providing outstanding customer service, and securing the best financing options for your purchase. See for yourself what thousands of customers have discovered over the years and make your next purchase from Earth MotorCars. Our goal is to make you a customer for life.




Legendary Car Care, where automotive passion converges with unparalleled performance. In the realm of vehicle care, Legendary doesn't merely produce products; it lives through them. From committed customer service representatives to a meticulous warehouse manager, every team member personally dedicates themselves to utilizing Legendary to amplify the cleanliness and shine of their vehicles. The overarching goal, embedded in the very name, is to achieve legendary status not only in the quality of products but also in embracing a legendary lifestyle. Join Legendary Car Care on this journey, where they aspire for excellence, setting the benchmark for quality, passion, and an unwavering commitment to the legendary experience.


At their shop, they don't just detail cars; they pamper them. They've honed their skills to perfection, using top-notch products and tools to transform every exotic car that comes through their doors into a true masterpiece. They understands the soul of these magnificent machines and treats each one with the care it deserves. Whether you're a fellow enthusiast or a newcomer, visit Top Tier Detail, and let them share their love for these automotive legends while they bring your prized possession back to showroom glory.



Roman Britton is a professional automotive photographer based in the DFW area. His portfolio contains a diverse range of vehicles ranging from creative import builds to elusive exotic vehicles. With a network that has since expanded beyond his local metropolitan, Roman has spent time traveling to various locations in and out of Texas for various wheel companies, dealerships, and other private clientele. Roman not only works to showcase the client’s desired vision, but also offer an appreciation and understanding to his audience of the various creative elements expressed through a vehicle and its owner.


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